Goals/plans for 2015

goals thoreau quoteIf I had goals for 2014, they were along the lines of “write books” and “publish books,” and I met those goals, so yay! me. This year isn’t going to be terribly different, really, but I know more about accomplishing those goals, which theoretically ought to make the process easier.


  • Finish Ganymede Quartet series. This means the main books plus their accompanying Martin stories. GQ Book 3+Martin story will be out in March 2015. Book 4 will be out in June 2015. I don’t have a schedule for finishing the side stories that will either extend the series timeline or tell side characters’ stories, but I currently have over 20 (!!!) stories extensively outlined (and one basically finished), so I fully expect I’ll complete some of those by the end of the year.

  • Finish Ganymede Quartet modern AU book. This is about halfway to two-thirds written at this point, and I expect I will have it done by the time I’m publishing Book 4.  I hope to put the modern book out sometime in Fall 2015. This book potentially has side stories of its own, but I have no schedule for getting them out.
  • I could just spend the rest of 2015  working on GQ side stories, but I have an outline for a contemporary story (that the Mr. gave me the idea for!) that I want to try to at least finish writing in 2015, if not actually publish. There’s also a sort of May-September romance idea that would be fun to work on, too. By next fall, I will have spent close to two years on the GQ books, which means two years in an alternate universe, and I think it will be good for me to do something more real-world before tackling another AU project. Which brings me to…
  • Research for the princess story. It’s not really about a princess! I’m expecting it to be one book, though probably long. Cross-dressing. Alternate 1930s. Intrigue. I want to write it and BFF wants to read it, so why not? I’m adding research books to my Amazon cart but not letting myself buy them until I can actually give them my full attention. If I have to hold off on this until 2016, that’s okay.


  • Network and meet people. This fills me with anxiety, but it seems necessary/important if I’m going to continue writing. Which I am. I’m signed up for Rainbow Con in July and hope to go to GRL in October.
  • Research in NYC in April, I think. I’m going to ride a lot of trains.
  • Enjoy myself more. Travel usually helps with that.

So, at least three novel-length books, maybe four (or five!), and at least two shorter stories with the possibility for more left open-ended. I’m deliberately leaving the end of the year relatively unscheduled because it seems possible I’ll want to take a work break sometime, though the idea of doing so fills me with superstitious dread that I will NEVER WRITE AGAIN if I stop.

When I look over this list, the writing part seems so ambitious, but I’ve actually got it nearly half done already and it’s still January, so maybe I’ll be okay :D

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