Where to Buy Ganymede Quartet Series

The Ganymede Quartet is the story of Henry Blackwell and his slave Martin told in four installments. The four main books are written from Henry’s point of view, and there are additional side stories sharing Martin’s point of view.


Click the titles to go to the buy links for that book.

A Superior Slave (GQ Book 0.5)
A Most Personal Property (GQ Book 1)
A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2)
A Master’s Fidelity (GQ Book 2.5)
A Willful Romantic (GQ Book 3)
A Vital Chemistry (GQ Book 3.5)
A Collar and Tie (GQ Book 4)
A Free Choice (GQ Book 4.5)

It is recommended that you read the books in order :)

A Superior Slave (Ganymede Quartet Book 0.5) – FREE

ASS 500

ASS @ Amazon
ASS @ Smashwords
ASS @ Kobo

Read ASS for free online at AO3

A Most Personal Property (Ganymede Quartet Book 1) – $4.99

AMPP 500

AMPP @ Amazon
AMPP @ Smashwords
AMPP @ Kobo

A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet Book 2) – $4.99


APL @ Amazon
APL @ Smashwords
APL @ Kobo

A Master’s Fidelity (Ganymede Quartet Book 2.5) – $0.99

AMF 500

AMF @ Amazon
AMF @ Smashwords
AMF @ Kobo

AMF can also be read for FREE online at AO3

A Willful Romantic (Ganymede Quartet Book 3)  – $4.99

AWR 333x500

AWR @ Amazon
AWR @ Smashwords
AWR @ Kobo

A Vital Chemistry (Ganymede Quartet Book 3.5)  – $0.99

AVC 333x500

AVC @ Amazon
AVC @ Smashwords
AVC @ Kobo

AVC can also be read for FREE online at AO3

A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet Book 4) – $4.99

ACAT 500

ACAT @ Amazon
ACAT @ Smashwords
ACAT @ Kobo

A Free Choice (Ganymede Quartet Book 4.5) – $0.99

AFC 500

AFC @ Amazon
AFC @ Smashwords
AFC @ Kobo

AFC can be read for FREE at AO3

9 thoughts on “Where to Buy Ganymede Quartet Series”

    1. Well, I don’t think I can adequately express how happy it makes me to know you’re eagerly awaiting the book! I’m not 100% sure of my dates yet, but it should be mid-March.

  1. LOVE the series. Any way we can talk you into making an octet or more? Would love to see them explore the swapping situation more. Such an imaginative tale!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like it! I don’t want to give too much away, but I do plan on writing more in the series beyond the four books+Martin stories, including some stories about other characters in the series. There will be at least one swap party scene in what I’m calling Book 1.5 (that’s where it fits in the timeline), which will be three very different stories about Charles/Simon, Gordon/Julian, and Louis/Peter–and James. I’m not sure when I’ll finish that up, but it’s well underway. Tom might get his own short book/long novella at some point :) I really love this universe and am not eager to leave it behind!

    1. You haven’t missed it! I’m currently working on Book 4 and hope to have it out later this month. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series <3

  2. Love Martin and Henry. I gasped and cried when Sam died. Is there going to be a book 4?

    1. Yes, there will be! I am working on the fourth book and the fourth Martin story now.

      I’m sorry about Sam :(

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