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beyond Ganymede Quartet

As a reader of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I am well aware of how frustrating it can be when an author begins a series but then shows little sign of finishing it. If you enjoyed A Most Personal Property, you may be happy to learn that the remaining three books of the Ganymede Quartet are written and essentially complete but for final editing.

The Ganymede Quartet proper is made up of the four main books, which cover just 10 months of Henry and Martin’s story, and there’s currently the first side story, A Superior Slave, which is about Martin and the slaves he grew up with at Ganymede, but there are a ridiculous number of additional side stories planned in this universe, as well. There are stories outlined and/or partially-to-completely written about the fates of many secondary characters, as well as stories extending the universe out for many years past the end of Book 4.

I started sharing my writing with other people by posting fanfic, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that I’m also 100 pages into my own modern AU about Henry and Martin in which no one is a slave. While I will always consider the 1900 version the “real” story, I suspect a contemporary story will appeal to a wider audience and might tempt readers who don’t think they’re interested in historical fantasy to give the “original” versions a try.

As the creator of this universe, of course I find it terribly engaging, but I’m biased. Are readers interested in authors expanding stories in this way? I’m not really  aware of other authors doing it, but I’m sure some are, and I’d appreciate having them pointed out to me.