A Superior Slave FREE at B&N

A Superior Slave @ B&N

If you have a moment, please consider reporting the lower price at Amazon, which still has it at 0.99. It has always been my intention to give this book away, and it’s frustrating Amazon won’t set a book as free without a competitor doing so first.

Go to A Superior Slave @ Amazon, scroll down to the details, choose to tell them about a lower price, and use this B&N address:


Thanks :)

4 thoughts on “A Superior Slave FREE at B&N”

      1. I don’t know if it’s Amazon sense of humor but today the price of “A Superior Slave” is $1.00! Really!
        I don’t like that attitude and I’m pissed off !!!!

        Regarding B&N, this ebook is only available within the U.S! I live in Canada!!!!!

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